Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Taking a day off

I took a day off from tatting yesterday. I did a little weaving, a little reading, and a little organizing. I also looked at some of my tatting books, but I just never got around to tatting.

Today I meant to tat several Ice Drops, but I only managed to tat one in Lizbeth #119, Jelly Bean.

I spent quite a bit of time getting myself organized for Palmetto Tat Days. I think I'm all set for my classes now. Shuttles are wound with thread. I have baggies with information for each of the classes I'm taking. I even managed to find my denim shirt that I purchased last year. I think I'm ready for some tatting fun!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar eclipse

I did not go outside to try and view the solar eclipse today. I didn't have the glasses, and I didn't have the materials to make a viewing device. So, I watched it on t.v.

Besides, staying inside and watching t.v. allowed me to keep tatting!

I finished my Hanging Garden doily from  Tatting lace with your life. The rings are in Lizbeth Green Coral Sea, and the chains are in Azalea Lt. As you may recall, I guessed that the finished size would be about 6". Wrong! In size 20 thread it measures 8 1/2".

I managed to tat another Ice Drop in Vinyard Harvest. It's a bit darker than I like, but I think it's a pretty good combination for heading into fall. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Back to Ice Drops

I've been concentrating on my Hanging Garden doily for the past few days, and I've neglected my Ice Drops. So today I neglected the doily and worked on Ice Drops!

I stuck to the basic pattern so that I could finish more. These are done with size 20 Lizbeth #131, Vinyard Harvest.

I'm planning on taking them to our Christmas in the Village in December.

I plan on having three trees on my table filled with Ice Drops. The rest will be in little baggies so that people can see the variety of colors.

I think I may switch to white so that I can tat ones that look more like snowflakes. It sure has been a year for Ice Drops!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Fun on the tollway

Tollway Tatters had a wonderful time today!

Ana was working on her very first Ice Drop.

She worked with a red glass gem and white thread from one of the goody bags that Denise passed out to us.

Barbara also worked on her first Ice Drop today.

She used a beautiful blue bead. She's hoping she has another at home, because she feels that a darker blue thread would have set off the look of the bead better.

Sue was the teacher of the day! She graciously worked with Ana and Barbara on their Ice Drops. Sue made one also, but somehow I didn't get a picture of it. The box of red and white Ice Drops is the set that Sue has been working on over the past several weeks. They'll go on the Christmas tree that Denise is setting up as a library fund raiser.

Mary was our only needle tatter today.

 Her needle tatting is beautiful, but we're still trying to talk her into giving shuttle tatting a try!

Denise decided to match her thread and top today... just kidding... it wasn't done on purpose! ...or was it? 😏

Denise worked on flowers for one of the classes she's signed up for at Palmetto Tat Days.

Sue Anna is the one who got us all going with tie-dye t-shirts.

I'm afraid I've forgotten what she was working on, but I know she is the biggest fan of Marilee's patterns!

Marilee was sporting a beautiful necklace from her second Craftsy class. She also had on very pretty earrings.

Marilee worked on this technique from a Japanese book. I have the book, but I'm too lazy to go check out the title!

I worked on my Hanging Garden doily, but I'm not quite finished... maybe tomorrow!

Sue's husband Richard was kind enough to take a group picture, not an easy task since we're all so easily distracted!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Way off!

Hanging Garden doily from Tatting lace with your life
size 20 Lizbeth Azalea Lt and Green Coral Sea

My guess that this doily would be about 6" was way off. It's already 7" and I still have a round to go. Don't count on me for good estimates!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

In the pink

I finished the second round of the Hanging Garden doily from Tatting lace with your life. This was a very simple round, and I love the way the Azalea Lt and Green Coral Sea look together! Two rounds to go!

I pulled out my ball of Pink Cocoa today. Yes, I did crave chocolate and strawberries while tatting today!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Feelin' blue

I started off the day feeling blue...

Caribbean blue! I kind of like the pink glass gem, and the pink ribbon seemed to be the perfect touch.

I did some band weaving on my new mini loom. I made a mistake on the first pattern repeat, but I decided to let it be and keep going. So far my tension is good, so maybe I'm finally catching on!

I was inspired to pull my Korean tatting book, Tatting lace with your life, off the shelf when I read Jeff's post this morning. I do like this book, and I haven't done anything from it in a while.

So today I started the Hanging Garden doily. This is the first round, and it's the most complicated round. It won't be a huge doily. It's only four rounds, and the other three rounds are not as deep. Right now, this piece is about 3 1/4" across. I'm guessing it will be about 6" when it's finished. We'll see if I'm right!